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Etrade Bonus For Signing Up (2021)

March 2021 Etrade IRA (ROTH, Sep, Simple, Traditional) bonus for customers opening new brokerage IRA or non-IRA account or depositing $10,000 into an existing account.

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On top of a large selection of NTF mutual funds, there is also the following on-going promotion bonus at E*Trade:

New customers who open and fund an E*Trade brokerage account will receive commission-free trades for 2 months after deposited funds become available for trading. The free trades can be used for stocks, options, and ETF's; although the broker's option contract fee is extra. This E*Trade bonus special is valid for either a joint or individual account. It can also be used for a new IRA.

E*Trade bonus promo expires at the end of 2021, although the firm has been offering this special for quite some time now. In order to qualify for the commission-free trades, the new account must be funded with a minimum of $10,000 within 45 days of account opening.

In addition to free equity transactions, E*Trade also offers a cash bonus for larger deposits. The cash bonus is on top of the free trades. A $25,000 deposit earns $200, while depositing $100,000 garners $300. Transferring $250,000 to the broker will get a $600 bonus. Half a million dollars will earn $1,200. And a $1,000,000 deposit gets $2,500, the broker's largest prize. The firm promises that the cash award will be deposited within one week after meeting all requirements.

As with the offer of free trades, funds must be deposited within 45 days of account opening to qualify for the cash bonus. The new funds must also remain in the securities account for at least six months, with the exception of trading losses; otherwise, E*Trade will subtract the bonus from the account.

This special would be ideal for investors who have a large amount of uninvested cash sitting with another financial institution. Moving the funds to E*Trade could earn a sizeable cash bonus.

While the firm does require the funds to remain in the new trading account for half a year, four months past the maximum allotted time for commission-free trades, the broker also offers over 4,000 mutual funds with no load an no transaction fee, one of the largest selections in the industry. There are also more than 100 ETF's at E*Trade that are always commission-free.

Etrade IRA Bonus Disclaimer

Current Etrade (ROTH, Sep, Simple, Traditional) IRA sign up bonus offer details can change at any time without notice.