Brokerage Promotions & Bonuses For 2024

Best brokerage promotions, cash bonuses, free stocks offers & other incentives for clients to open a new account in February 2024

Broker Promotions List

Best Brokerage Firms Promotions & Bonuses in 2024

The landscape of budget-friendly brokerage firms is vast, offering a range of choices. To identify the best options, consider the array of services and products they provide, alongside their various promotional deals and bonuses for both new and existing clients.

Broker Promotions & Bonuses

Brokerage promotions and bonuses are diverse. When you open a new brokerage account, here are some kinds of bonuses you might encounter.

Transfer Fee Reimbursements

Reimbursements for transfer fees are a common perk. Brokers typically impose fees for transferring accounts (ACATS) and wire transfers. Rebates on these fees can significantly reduce or nullify the cost of transferring your assets to a new broker.

Cash Bonus for Deposits

Cash incentives for deposits are a prevalent form of promotion for new accounts. Some brokers offer cash rewards simply for opening an account, though most bonuses are linked to the amount deposited.

These deposit incentives often follow a tiered structure – the larger your deposit, the bigger the bonus, with amounts ranging from $10 up to $4000.

Free Stocks for New Brokerage Accounts

Free stock offers for new accounts are another common promotion. These free stocks are typically chosen at random from a set list of companies or are given as fractional shares of a certain dollar value.

The worth of these free stock programs varies significantly. Some brokers offer a single low-value stock, while others may provide up to 15 free stocks. Fractional shares might range from $5 to $200, with some securities' values even reaching $3500 in certain instances.

Commission Discounts

Many brokers entice new clients with discounts on trading commissions.

Even brokers that offer zero commissions on stocks and ETFs often charge for trading OTC securities, options, fixed-income securities, and mutual funds. Some brokers waive these commissions for a set period.

Broker Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are a staple among most brokers. Rewards can vary from Amazon gift cards to free stocks and cash incentives.

Referral programs benefit both the person referring and the referee, usually with an annual limit on potential earnings through the program.

Cryptocurrency Bonuses

Beyond free stock offers and cash bonuses, some brokers also include cryptocurrency incentives.

Cryptocurrency bonuses often come in Bitcoin, although other popular cryptocurrencies are sometimes used.


E*TRADE stands out with its array of attractive promotions and bonuses. They offer up to $3500 for opening and funding a new account and have a compelling referral scheme, rewarding $50 per referral, up to a yearly maximum of $500.

Broker IRA Promotion


Firstrade entices new users with up to $4000 cash bonuses for opening and funding new accounts. They also offer rebates for account and wire transfer fees, with account transfer reimbursements going up to $200 and wire transfer refunds up to $25.

IRA Promotions

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers runs an appealing referral program, benefiting both the referrer and the referee. Referrers get $200 for every successful referral, while referees can earn up to $1000 in free stock for opening and funding a new account.

Brokerage IRA Promotions

J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan Wealth Management accounts enjoy a first deposit bonus of up to $700 for new accounts.

Brokerage IRA Promotions

M1 Finance

M1 Finance users can enjoy a referral program and a free trial of the broker’s advanced service, M1 Plus.

The referral scheme rewards both the referrer and referee with $10, and there’s no cap on the number of bonuses one can receive.


Opening an account at Moomoo brings the opportunity for free stocks. Initial account openings earn one free stock, and qualifying deposits can yield up to 15 free stocks, each potentially valued at $2000.


Public offers a range of generous promotions. They provide a transfer bonus up to $10,000, along with free stocks worth up to $300 for opening and funding new accounts or referring new clients.


Robinhood rewards new customers and participants in its referral program with free stocks worth up to $200 each. Now, investors have the choice to pick the company for their free stock.


Sogotrade offers a novel approach to promotions and commission-free trading. They provide $1 for every 1000 shares traded.\


Stash's promotions are varied. Their ‘Stock Back’ program gives credit card users rewards as fractional shares. They also host regular ‘#StashStockParties,’ offering free fractional shares to participants.


Tastyworks offers new account bonuses like free stocks and a referral program, alongside a capped commission pricing model.

New account holders can earn up to $250 in free stocks for opening an account with a minimum of $2000. The referral program allows users to earn up to $100 in credits for each successful new account, redeemable for various rewards including prizes, trips, and even a Tesla Model 5.


TradeStation promos come in many forms. In addition to the cash offer for new accounts, TradeStation offers reduced trading commissions and a fully paid stock lending program.


Webull is one of the more generous brokers on our list. The broker’s offers are ever-changing, but they always include several free stocks for new accounts, referrals, and more. There is also a transfer bonus and complimentary quotes for new accounts.

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Updated on 2/14/2024.