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Webull IRA Promotion 2024

Webull IRA (ROTH, Sep, Simple, Rollover, Traditional) promotion bonus for customers opening a new brokerage IRA or non-IRA account or depositing $10,000 into an existing account.

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Webull Promotions

Webull has become well known for its incentives and specials, and there are good reasons for that. The broker awards customers for bringing their business and has found many interesting ways to keep the promotions exciting.

Here is what you can expect from Webull’s promotions.

Webull Free Stock Bonus

Webull gives free stocks to new and existing customers for various reasons. Inviting your friends to join the broker, signing up for a new account, or funding your account, will earn you free shares.

The free stocks are valued between $3 and $3,000, depending on how they are earned.

How Many Free Stocks Can You Get?

Webull is constantly updating the free stock promotional offers. So, depending on when you take advantage of the offer, you could be looking at anywhere from 6 free stocks to many more.

Webull Bonus

Here are the most common free stock offers:

New Accounts and Initial Deposits

For new accounts, Webull offers two free stocks. For the new account bonus, there is no need to fund the account, though you will likely want to so you can earn even more free stocks.

To get the first two stocks, the only requirement is to open a brokerage account with Webull successfully.

You can do that here.

Once the account is open, head to the promo page and claim your stocks. The stocks you receive will have a value of up to $300, and an algorithm decides your prize. The algorithm Webull uses is similar to random number generators (RNG) commonly used by online casinos to ensure fairness.

For initial deposits, Webull offers an additional four free stocks. Once the funds from your initial deposit have settled, you can claim your award.

Like the new account bonus, the four free deposit bonus stocks are given out randomly. Each one is selected algorithmically and can hold a value of up to $3000.


The referral promotions at Webull are where things start to heat up. Not only are referral promos aimed at improving the customer experience for current account holders, but the offers are often bigger and better.

Webull is always running different referral offers, so it’s difficult to say which will be active when you want to take advantage of the promo. However, here are some of the most recent ones to give you an idea of what to expect.

Webull IRA bonus

Webull IRA Promotion

Webull IRA Incentive

Other Webull IRA Promotions

Besides free stocks, Webull also offers some other attractive promotions. There is free market data for some users and an account transfer refund.

Market Data (OPRA) Webull Promo

Webull offers OPRA Advanced Quotes to its options traders. If you are approved to trade options and place at least one trade each month, you can take advantage of the market data promotion by filling in a short questionnaire.

ACAT Reimbursement Webull Promo

When you transfer a brokerage account to Webull, there is often a fee for the transfer. The fee is charged by the originating broker and can be pretty high. Webull offers ACAT transfer refunds of up to $75 for each customer.

Webull also offers free stocks and other perks for account transfers from time to time. The number of extra bonuses you get is tied to the account size you transfer over.

ACAT transfers up to $5000 get the $75 reimbursement.
Transfers from $5000 to $24999 adds $80 in fractional shares (AAPL).
Transfers from $25000 to $249999 adds $200 in fractional shares (AAPL).
Transfers above $250000 come with the $75 reimbursement and an additional $600 in fractional shares (AAPL).

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Terms and Conditions for Webull IRA Promotion

Some rules are associated with free stocks and other promotional content at Webull. Although lenient, it is good to remember them so that you do not lose your opportunity to receive your bonus.

The most important to remember is the time limit to claim your stocks. Webull credits the promotional stocks to you via the My Rewards tab, but they are not directly added to your portfolio. You will need to visit My Rewards and claim each of your stocks individually.

If you do not claim your prize within 30 days, the award (free stocks in most cases) will disappear.

For ACATs transfers, opting into the promotion is the only way to benefit from it. If you fail to ‘participate,’ you will not receive the bonus.

Webull ACAT Promo

Selling Free Stocks Details

One popular question pertains to what investors can do with their free stocks. Is it OK to sell free stocks once they land in your portfolio?

At Webull, there are no long-term waiting periods for the free stocks they give you. The only waiting you will need to do is for settlement. Stock transaction settlement at Webull takes about three days to complete since the broker uses a T+2 settlement model (trade date, plus two trading days).

If you want to sell your free stocks and withdraw their proceeds, you are free to do so after settlements. If you don’t know, many other brokers make you wait for a much more extended period.

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Updated on 2/14/2024.