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Webull Futures Trading (2023)

Webull futures trading spreads pricing, CME, ICE US, CFE, Emini, oil futures fees. Webull futures margin requirements. Can you trade futures on Webull?

Trading Futures at Webull

Webull does not offer futures trading at this time. As an alternative, we recommend Tradestation brokerage. Learn more about Trading Futures on TradeStation...

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WeBull Desktop Trading Tools

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WeBull desktop platform offers in-depth analyst ratings, real-time quotes, charts, and the full financial calendar. The firm has the longest trading hours: from 4:00 AM till 8:00 PM (EST).

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At Webull, level II pricing info, available directly from NASDAQ, is built directly into the platform and can be unlocked for an additional fee of $24.95 per month.

The broker’s website has some decent features, such as a company overview and the Q&A section we already mentioned. Also on the broker’s website is information about the Webull mobile app.

WeBull Mobile App

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While the website was somewhat minimalist, the Webull mobile app incorporates a lot of useful features. It functions on Apple and Android phones and tablets. Unfortunately, there is not currently a platform for any smartwatch.

When we logged into the app for the first time, we immediately noticed the emphasis on global trading. The ‘Markets’ tab has a row of countries that display indexes and stocks within a specific country.

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For example, under United Kingdom, we found the FTSE index in real time plus how various sectors were performing that trading day. Moreover, an earnings calendar showed companies that were set to release earnings that day along with an EPS estimate.

One such company was Sage Group. Its earnings release was posted under the “News” section on its profile. We found a very sharp-looking chart. Tapping on an expand icon produced a horizontal graph, which allowed for better use of the app’s charting program.

There are 25 technical indicators in Webull’s charting widget, such as RSI, Bollinger Bands, and moving averages. We found eight graph styles, which is a good list for a mobile app. Some of the choices include Heikin Ashi, base line, and colored bars.

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A chart can display data as far back as 1997, which is more than 20 years. The interval can be set anywhere from 1 minute to 1 year. Company events can be shown. These include earnings, dividends, and splits. Extended hours can be turned on or off.

We liked the ability to change the order of technical studies below a chart. Another helpful feature is a comparison tool that allowed us to compare a stock to another or an index.

The app’s trade ticket is rather simple. There are buy and sell buttons, a quantity field, an order type (just market or limit), and a limit price. The ticket also displays the account’s estimated buying power. There is a time-in-force option displayed, but you could get it only to show day orders. Unfortunately, there are no advanced order types or direct-access routing. There is a “Quick Trade” feature that shows the ticket in small form on a stock’s profile page.

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Besides charting and trading, we found several other important features. Multiple watchlists can be created. Alerts can be set up as well. Some of the available options include price above or below a certain level, volume level, and percent change.

One last feature that we liked was simulated trading. After logging into our regular account, we were able to access this feature simply by clicking on a “Paper Trading” icon. The feature starts out at $1,000,000, and this can be reset at any time. Orders and a trade ticket are shown. Because the trade ticket is so simple, experienced investors may not find it very useful.