How to Transfer from Webull to TD Ameritrade (and The Other Way) in 2023

Step-by-step instructions on how to move account, stocks, and other assets between TD Ameritrade and Webull. How much does a transfer cost and how long does it take.

Transferring Brokerage Accounts Between Webull and TD Ameritrade

If you want to transfer a TD Ameritrade account to Webull, or a Webull account to TD Ameritrade, just follow this simple step-by-step guide. We’ll have you moved in no time.

Transfer from Webull to TD Ameritrade

Today, the process of moving an investment account from one company to another couldn’t be easier. Thanks to the Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS), everything can be done electronically, and this shortens the time required.

Both Webull and TD Ameritrade participate in the ACATS network. If you have a Webull account and want to send it to TD Ameritrade, you’ll submit your transfer request at TD Ameritrade. Whenever performing an ACATS transfer, you want to start at the receiving broker.

The first step is to open a TD Ameritrade account if you don’t have one open yet. To do this, click here and then on the green Open New Account link at the middle of the broker’s website.

You’ll see a long list of account types in the left-hand column. These are grouped into categories like Retirement and Managed Portfolios. Clicking on the up arrow next to a category will display all the accounts within that category. Click on the account you want to open. It must be the same account type that you have at Webull, which means most of the accounts in TD Ameritrade’s list you don’t want to open.

Once you have the right account open, it’s time to submit a transfer request. Inside your TD Ameritrade account, click on the My Account tab. It’s located in the top menu. You’ll see a large drop-down menu. In here, there’s another link: Transfer Account. Obviously, this is the link you want.

Transfer from Webull to Ameritrade

You’ll be presented with a selection of tiles with broker icons. Webull unfortunately isn’t in the collection. There is a search bar above these tiles, but Webull’s name isn’t in here, either. You’ll have to search by Webull’s clearing broker, which is Apex Clearing Corporation. Select this broker. On the next page, you’ll need to enter your account details, which can be found on your most recent account statement.

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Transfer from TD Ameritrade to Webull

If you want to go in the opposite direction, the process is quite similar. You’ll first open a new Webull account. It could be an old one if you already have one. Next, log into the account and submit a transfer request. Because Webull only offers individual taxable accounts and IRAs, you can open any account type you like this time. But the TDA account you plan to move over must match the account type you open at Webull.

If you don’t yet have a Webull account, they offer 12 free stocks if you sign up. When you’re inside your new account, click on the Transfer Stocks link. It appears in the left-hand side of the website. This link is only on the website and not on the broker’s desktop program or web-based platform.

This time, the sending broker’s icon will be available. In the drop-down menu labeled Choose Broker to Transfer From, click on the green TD Ameritrade logo.

Transfer from TD Ameritrade to WeBull

On Webull’s form, the TDA account type will automatically display as the account type you have at Webull. Remember, they must match. You’ll need to provide your account number as well.

You’ll be presented with two transfer options: full or partial. The former will close your Webull account, while the latter will give you the ability to move some securities while leaving others behind.

Recall that Webull doesn’t offer trading in mutual funds, bonds, forex, or futures. These assets will need to be liquidated before doing a full account transfer from a TD Ameritrade account to Webull.

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Tips for Transferring an Account

Cryptocurrency holdings cannot be moved through the ACATS network, so if you have any in your Webull account, and you’re doing a full transfer of that account, be sure to sell them before submitting a transfer request at TD Ameritrade. If they’re in a different account, then you don’t need to worry about them.

Also, be sure not to do any trading in the account that is being moved while the transfer request is live. Any open orders should be cancelled as well.

Cost of ACATS Transfers

TD Ameritrade customers must pay $75 to move a full account to another brokerage house. Partial transfers, however, are free. Webull does have regular transfer fee rebate specials, so be sure to check your mobile app or contact the broker.

Webull charges $75 for outgoing ACATS transfers. At the time of publication, TD Ameritrade does not reimburse other brokers’ transfer fees, although it never hurts to call in and ask.

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