M1 Finance Day Trading

M1 Finance Day Trading Rules. Can I Day Trade on M1 Finance?

Pattern day trading rules at M1 Finance. Active trader PDT requirements for margin and cash accounts above/below $25,000 balance. How many day trades does M1 Finance allow.

Day Trading at M1 Finance

At M1 Finance all trades are executed only one time during a day for regular customers and two times per day for M1 Plus customers. Therefore, it is impossible to be a day-trader at M1 if you are a regular customer and it does not make sense to be one even if you are M1 Plus member. We suggest using TD Ameritrade for day trading stocks and ETFs. Learn more.

Open TD Ameritrade Account

Open TD Ameritrade Account

Open M1 Finance Account

Open M1 Finance Account

M1 Finance $0 Commission

Major thing that sets M1 Finance apart from other firms and makes it the best broker for investing in fractional shares, is that there are no commissions to pay for investing. That's right - you pay $0 commission at M1 Finance. The broker makes money on optional services, such as lending funds and credit cards.

How M1 Finance Handles Dividends

M1 Finance doesn’t offer a traditional Dividend Reinvestment Plan. Instead, it takes dividends from all securities that pay them and deposits the cash in a separate position. Once this position reaches $10, the broker invests the cash into the Pie, using preset target percentages. Thus, fractional shares will be purchased each time the cash position reaches $10. That’s the default setup anyway.

An alternative you can choose is auto reinvest when the cash position breaches a certain level. For instance, you could set $800 as the trigger. If you deposit $900, exactly $100 will be invested in the Pie. Or you can just turn off this feature and make additional purchases whenever you’re ready. There is a $10 minimum on the M1 platform.

M1 Finance Commissions


If for any reason you decide that M1’s Pie method of investing isn’t for you, there are alternatives out there. However, as we already mentioned, there aren’t many brokerage houses that permit the purchase of fractional shares of stocks, closed-end funds, or ETF’s. Stash Invest is one exception, but it only offers a small selection of stocks and ETF’s for fractional investing. At M1 Finance, all stocks and ETF’s that trade on major exchanges are eligible. Stash Invest also charges a monthly fee, while M1 is completely free.

A second alternative would be to open an account with a broker that has a traditional DRIP service (such as WellsTrade or TD Ameritrade), and add fractional shares whenever a dividend is paid. Adopting this approach, however, means you will have to buy at least 1 share upfront; and as we pointed out this can be quite expensive with some stocks. Plus, you will not be able to make additional purchases besides the dividends. At M1, this is possible.