Stash Invest Crypto Currencies in 2021

Stash Ethereum, Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin, Dogecoin crypto currencies buying/selling account in 2021.

Bitcoin Trading at Stash

Are you looking for a place to trade Bitcoin and other digital currencies? Although Stash doesn’t provide direct trading in cryptocurrencies, it does nevertheless offer a few indirect methods of investing in this new sector. Here are the details:

Investing in the Blockchain

Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on a blockchain, which is a digital and public record book. Because this electronic ledger is a permanent registry of all crypto transactions, it helps to reduce the possibility of fraud. Many technology companies recognize this fact, which is why they are developing their own blockchains.

Blockchain Stocks

Akamai is a technology company that has developed a blockchain-based online payment network (in collaboration with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group). Called GO-NET, the new technology uses more than a quarter of a million servers around the globe.

Akamai trades on the Nasdaq with ticker symbol AKAM. Although Stash doesn’t offer trading in every Nasdaq stock, it does have AKAM. Although one share of Akamai is currently around $100, you can trade it at Stash with as little as $5. This is because Stash is a fractional-share broker, which means its order ticket only accepts orders in whole-dollar amounts.

Stash’s profile on Akamai shows a 1-year price increase of more than 6%, which is a lot more than my savings account did last year. Akamai does not pay a dividend, though, so if you’re looking for a stream of income, you may need to find a different asset.

Stash Blockchain

Blockchain Funds

There are blockchain funds that do pay regular dividends. One that is currently paying a dividend, despite the virus pandemic, is BLOK, the Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF. This fund is available for trading at Stash, although not all blockchain funds are.

Blockchain funds are simply funds that invest in blockchain stocks like Akamai. Any dividends that the holdings pay will at least in part be passed onto shareholders of the fund. BLOK currently pays an annual dividend (in December). The yield at current market price is around 1.2%, which again is better than what my savings account is paying.

As with stocks, the minimum order amount at Stash for ETFs is just $5 (and there’s no commission).

Trading Bitcoin Directly

If stocks and funds connected to the cryptocurrency marketplace don’t appeal to you, there is always direct trading in the coins themselves. This can be accomplished with a brokerage account at Webull. With a Webull account, you can trade these digital assets:

Bitcoin Cash

Webull has an even smaller minimum investment amount in digital currencies: it’s $1. Like Stash, Webull charges no commissions.

Trade bitcoin on Webull

Unlike Stash, Webull offers trading in option contracts. Although they are an indirect (times two) method of investing in cryptocurrencies, the derivative securities do offer another way to play the cryptocurrency space.

Inside our Webull test account, we found lots of contracts on Akamai and the Amplify ETF.

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Trading at Webull vs. Trading at Stash

Opting for Bitcoin trading at Webull instead of Stash creates important pros and cons that should be clearly understood from the outset.

For instance, digital currencies in a Webull account are completely uninsured. Security positions inside a Stash account, by contrast, do carry SIPC protection.

Also, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a newer type of asset and therefore carry a higher degree of uncertainty.

But on the positive side, cryptocurrency trades at Webull are settled instantly. Security trades at Stash, by comparison, settle two business days after trade date. This means it will take two business days longer to withdraw settled cash from Stash.

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