TD Ameritrade IRA Promotion

TD Ameritrade IRA Promotions in 2023

TD Ameritrade (ROTH, Sep, Simple, Rollover, Traditional) IRA promotions, special offers for opening a new IRA account.

TD Ameritrade Will Close Its Doors

Charles Schwab has acquired TD Ameritrade, and will retire it soon. Please read our (detailed) Charles Schwab Promotions instead.

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TD Ameritrade IRA Promotion

Get $0 commissions and ACAT fee reimbursement.

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How To Create a New TD Ameritrade Account

If you have one TD Ameritrade account, you can easily open another one. With just a single login, you can access two or more brokerage accounts. Keep reading; we’ll show you everything you need to know.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Log into your existing TD Ameritrade account.

Step 2: Go to the Open New Account page. To find this, click on Client Services in the top menu and then select Open an Account from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Select an account. On the new page that appears, you’ll see a list of account types that TD Ameritrade offers. They are grouped into categories like Managed Portfolios and Joint/Minor. You can open these categories to reveal the specific accounts that are offered. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, click on Other to find some miscellaneous accounts.

If you’re undecided on an account type, you can click on the Not sure? Find an account link. This will produce a series of questions that will help you identify the right account for your investment needs.

Step 4: Prefill your information. Once you select the account you want to open, TD Ameritrade’s website may offer to prefill the account application with your existing information on file. Only certain accounts will allow this. If you select Limited Partnership, for example, the information won’t prefill.

Alternative Method

Instead of logging in first, you can instead go to the TD Ameritrade home page and click on the green Open New Account link. Find the account you want and start the online application. You will see a link that says Use my existing account info. Click on this, and you’ll be able to enter your login credentials, and the software will automatically prefill your application.

Using a Single Login

Once you have your second TD Ameritrade account up and running, you may see it appear automatically next to your existing TD Ameritrade account. If not, you can add it so that the two accounts link.

To do this, you’ll want to go to the dashboard. It’s labeled My Account Overview and found under the My Account tab. It will probably be the page you automatically land on when you log in.

Once you get here, you’ll see a row of tabs. Each one represents a single account. Click on the far-right one that says Link/Add Acct. A window will appear underneath this with a button that allows you to link accounts.

Managing Linked Accounts

To manage linked accounts, click on the Client Services tab and then click on Link Accounts under the My Profile section. You’ll get a page with several options, one of which is to manage linked accounts.

Click on that link and you’ll be able to add nicknames to every account. This is really convenient as you don’t want to try to remember all your accounts by their account numbers. You can also unlink accounts here, view pending access requests, and grant access to another account.

TD Ameritrade IRA Promotion

Get $0 commissions and ACAT fee reimbursement.

Open TD Ameritrade Account

TD Ameritrade Advantages

Investors who want more than just an on-line account with phone service should take a look at TD Ameritrade. The stock brokerage firm operates more than 450 branch locations across most states. Many of the offices offer in-person seminars. The brokerage company also provides on-line events. These can cover a wide range of topics, from the U.S. economy to the firm's advanced platform, TD thinkorswim. This platform is for active traders and comes with a host of nice features, including advanced charting, Recognia technical analysis, and a sector trends tool. Traders who don't meet the requirements to use TD thinkorswim can trade on the broker's newly redesigned website. It includes a handy trading ticket at the bottom of the browser that can be used to trade stocks, options, and ETFs.

TD Ameritrade is also a great place to trade mutual funds. The brokerage firm offers its customers more than 12,500 funds plus a very good screener that can search through all of them. Users can specify several important criteria, including Morningstar rating, expense ratio, investment minimum, and performance. Over 2,100 funds have no load and no transaction fee. TD Ameritrade also provides pre-defined screens such as real estate, fixed income, and U.S. equity. A fund's availability, load status, and transaction-fee status are clearly marked with color-coded icons, a nice feature.

In addition to a great selection of mutual funds, the brokerage firm's customers also get stock and ETF trades for amazing $0. TD Ameritrade recently lowered its commission on options to just 65¢ per contract, placing the broker squarely in the low-cost category. Despite this classification, the firm continues to offer good trading technology, including a useful mobile app, along with educational materials on its website that will be useful to many new investors. These resources include information on extended-hours trading, Brexit, long calls, and how to submit an order. There are also several beneficial calculators on the firm's website, including a college savings calculator and an IRA comparison tool.