TradeStation Referral Bonus: Refer a Friend Program

TradeStation friend referral bonus program offer code for recommended friend or family member to open a new brokerage account in 2022

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Friend Referral For Non-US and Non-EEA Citizens

Customers who have a funded TradeStation Global account can get a £50 Amazon gift card for each person they refer. The referred person will also get a £50 Amazon gift card. Both the Referrer and the Friend must be resident outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) to qualify.

TradeStation Friend Referral For US Citizens

Right now TradeStation doesn't offer a friend referral bonus program for U.S. customers. If you want to be rewarded with free stocks valued up to $30,600 for referring clients to a brokerage, use Webull's Refer a Friend program instead.

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Browser Platform

Now we can start trading. Up first is the broker's simpler platform which operates within a browsing window. You can find this platform in the upper-right corner after logging into the website. Alternatively, a link to it is posted on TradeStation's front page.

TradeStation Trading Review

Once you get the platform open in a browsing window, you'll see four tabs near the top of the screen: Positions, Orders, Balances, and Quotes. Quotes shows you streaming data, such as the day's volume, the last ticket, and % change from the previous session.

Below these tabs sits the charting section. We were impressed with the layout of this section. Technical indicators can be shown below a chart, while certain indicators will appear on top of price action. There are different chart styles available, and price histories can include extended-hours sessions.

At the top of the browser is a trade button. Clicking on this produces the trade bar, which will also sit at the top of the platform. Standard orders allow for market, limit, stop, and trailing types. What impressed us the most was the ability to send orders to a specific venue or market maker, something that most browser-based platforms don't permit. Complex orders such as OCO (order cancels order) are also available.

Desktop Platform

A wider range of trading features are on TradeStation's desktop platform. We found a very good charting program where a graph can be expanded full screen. A variety of technical indicators can be added along with comparisons. We also liked the selection of drawing tools.

TradeStation Platform Review

A market depth window can be added to the work screen. Market depth is similar to Level II data. It shows bid and ask sizes along with prices. A news window shows articles from Reuters and Benzinga.

Alerts can be set up, and a watchlist can be created. Hot keys are also available. While there are many features on the platform, this seemed to increase the learning curve of the software. It's definitely not the most user-friendly platform. For example, we had difficulty setting the time frame on a chart. Thankfully, the software has a simulated trading feature, which is a great way to practice. The browser platform has the same feature, too.

Mobile App

TradeStation App Rating

TradeStation has a mobile app that can be used on Apple or Android tablets and phones. Both of them are free of charge and they come with a host of features that active traders will like. Stocks, options, ETFs, and even futures can be traded on the platform. Unfortunately, mutual funds cannot be.

On a security's profile page, we found a chart and vital trade data, such as bid and ask sizes, volume, and 52-week range. There are also news articles posted on an individual stock, courtesy of Benzinga.

TradeStation Review: Mobile

Clicking on 'Chart' at the bottom of the app produces a much more sophisticated graph than what appears on the front page. Here, about 20 technical studies can be used, a good number for a mobile platform. There are also a variety of drawing tools. These include lines, pitchforks, and text boxes.

We especially liked the ability to show filled orders on a chart. A small pop-up chart appears where the order was filled; it shows trade price and date and time. It's possible to toggle back and forth between light and dark graphs. A chart can also be rotated horizontally for better viewing.

One really nice feature on the TradeStation app is something called Matrix. This is similar to Level II data. It shows real-time bid and ask sizes with price in the middle column. If you click on a bid or ask size, the app will automatically produce an order ticket.

The option chain tab shows prices in real time. Besides calls and puts, we found multi-leg strategies like condors, butterflies, and diagonals.

Order tickets on the app have a lot of good features, such as order routing in case you want your order to go to a specific venue. Stop, market, and limit orders are available, and there are several durations.

The feature we liked most on the app was simulated trading, a great opportunity for anyone to get some extra practice on a somewhat sophisticated platform without risking real money.

Investment Education and Stock Research

TradeStation Stock Research Rating

The TradeStation website has some educational resources that will help investors brush up on a variety of financial topics. Called TradeStation University, this section hosts videos, but strangely, no articles. The videos cover issues such as futures trading, market briefs, cryptocurrency trading, how to trade gaps, and how to use OptionsStation Pro. The videos are in high definition and some of them are nearly an hour in length.

There are also online events posted in TradeStation University. It is free to register for these; you don't need to be a TradeStation customer, either. Some of the upcoming topics we found include options trading and how to use the desktop platform.

TradeStation Research Review

If you would prefer to read articles, there is a separate section outside of University that provides market insights and commentary. These are rather short pieces on topics such as the trade war with China and trading quarterly earnings announcements with options.

We were disappointed with the lack of written articles explaining the fundamentals of security trading. There were no articles on ETF basics or how to trade bonds, for example.

Stock research at TradeStation takes place on the broker's desktop platform. There's a small tab on the left-hand side of the screen that reads 'TradingApps.' After you click on this tab a pop-out window will appear with all sorts of gadgets. These include a stock screener, option chains with order ticket, a news feed, and financial data on a particular ticker symbol.

There's also something called the TradingApp Store where you can buy add-ons for various tasks. Most of these are technical studies that aren't included in the default charting program. A few apps are free.

TradeStation Refer a Friend Program Disclaimer

TradeStation referral bonus terms can change at any time without notice. For the most recent information on TradeStation refer a friend program offer to open account visit their website.