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Overview of moomoo

Moomoo is a trading platform that is recommended for investors who are interested in zero-commission trading and have a primary focus on U.S. markets.

Founded in 2018, moomoo is a subsidiary of Futu Holdings Ltd., which is backed by Tencent. Securities offered by moomoo are regulated by both main U.S. regulatory agencies: the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

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Moomoo features

As part of such an intensely competitive market, that is, the discount broker space, moomoo relies on some cool features to help it stand out. They also offer frequent promotions, which would appear to have done a solid job in bringing in more clients.

We’re going to run down some of moomoo’s key features, which will help you decide if this broker-dealer is worth your attention and, ultimately, your business.

Commission-free trading

Moomoo offers $0 trading for stocks, options, ADRs, and ETFs. Very few other discount broker-dealers offer free options trading, so this really helps moomoo stand out from the pack for traders interested in options.

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Top-quality data offerings

Customers with moomoo get to take advantage of what’s known as level-2 data access for free. Many other broker-dealers charge for this level of access, which is real-time access, so this is another great perk offered by moomoo.

Paper trading

Paper trading refers to simulated trading, that is, there’s no real money on the line. This is a great resource for beginner investors who may want to test their stock-picking prowess before putting real money on the line.

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Margin borrowing and short selling

Moomoo also allows for borrowing on margin and short selling. Beginning investors in particular should be wary of this, though, as it can quickly lead to significant losses. Plus, you should know that moomoo has higher margin rates than some other brokers, such as Robinhood.

Extensive research tools

In addition to access to real-time data, moomoo users can also reap the benefits of having access to third-party agency ratings, frequently updated market news, and other features, such as smart reminders.

Social media investing?

The social media-fication of the world is well under way, and moomoo is smart to lean into this by allowing users to communicate with other traders to discuss investing strategies.

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Wrapping up

Overall, moomoo’s features help it stand out from the pack. That said, it’s far from perfect. There are some downsides worth noting:

There’s a limited number of products offered (no forex, mutual funds, bonds, futures, or crypto).

The customer support is limited to email (no live chat or phone support).

There are limited options for deposits/withdrawals (only bank transfer).

If you don’t mind these limitations, then moomoo could very well be a great option for you. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll have SIPC protection and that moomoo is regulated like every other broker by the SEC and FINRA.

Whether you’re brand new to investing or more experienced, moomoo’s features cater to all types of investors.

Ultimately, moomoo is a solid discount broker-dealer with a good mix of features and other perks for its customers.

Moomoo Referral Code

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