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TD Ameritrade No-Load, NTF Mutual Funds in 2022

No-Load, No-Transaction-Fee Mutual Funds at TD Ameritrade

If you're interested in low-cost mutual funds, TD Ameritrade has a large selection that come with neither loads nor transaction fees. During our investigation, we counted 3,779. This figure includes no-load funds and funds that have had loads waived. This second category consists of funds that may normally charge loads but have decided to waive them for certain investors or account types, such as 401(k) plans.

No Such Thing as a No-Fee Mutual Fund

While it is possible to invest in a mutual fund that charges no transaction fee and no load, it's important to remember that all mutual funds have costs. All mutual funds charge an annual management fee, and a mutual fund that has neither load nor transaction fee usually has a higher yearly expense ratio. This means that investors with a lot of money can actually get a better deal over the long-term by purchasing shares of a mutual fund that charges a flat transaction fee.

Furthermore, funds that carry no transaction fee usually charge a short-term redemption fee if you sell the security within a certain amount of time. TD Ameritrade, for instance, charges $49.99 every time you sell an NTF fund within 6 months of purchase.

TD Ameritrade NTF Mutual Funds

An Overview of TD Ameritrade's Selection

Some of the fund families that offer the list of 3,779 funds include Wells Fargo, USAA, Nuveen, BlackRock, and PIMCO. The Motley Fool Independence Fund (ticker FOOLX) has only a $500 minimum investment and comes with a 1.15% expense ratio. Nowadays, any fund that charges more than 1.0% needs to have a good reason for doing so because other funds will be below that threshold.

TD Ameritrade No Load Funds

FOOLX does have four stars from Morningstar and a yield of 0.20%, which is somewhat low. Morningstar grades the fund's return potential as higher than its risk.

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Mutual Fund Information from TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade has a great mutual fund section on its website that provides a wealth of information. Each fund shows Morningstar ratings, includes a link to its prospectus, and shows a graph of the fund's performance. The fund's portfolio is broken down into great detail, and a fund brief can also be downloaded in pdf format.

The Premier List

If you don't want to do much research yourself, you can take a look at TD Ameritrade's Premier List of mutual funds. This is an assortment selected by investment professionals at TD Ameritrade. All of the funds on the list have no load and most of them have no transaction fee. They are expected to outperform their peers. Strangely, a few of them have low ratings from Morningstar; so you might want to do your own research in conjunction with this list.

Don't Forget the Broker's No-Load, No-Transaction-Fee ETFs

If you're interested in low-cost mutual funds, you may also be interested in TD Ameritrade's list of over 200 exchange-traded funds that are free to trade.

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