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M1 Finance Minimum Investment (Initial Deposit) To Open Account

2021 M1 Finance minimum investment to open brokerage account or ROTH IRA. M1 Finance minimum balance and initial deposit amount requirement.

M1 Finance Minimum Investment Amounts

M1 Finance minimum investment to open brokerage account $0
M1 Finance minimum amount to open brokerage margin account $2,000 in cash and/or securities
M1 Finance minimum initial deposit to open ROTH IRA, Traditional IRA, Simple IRA, or SEP IRA $0
M1 Finance minimum balance requirement for brokerage or IRA none
M1 Finance minimum to start investing $100


$0 broker commissions and fees when you open account at M1 Finance.

Open M1 Finance Account

Open M1 Finance Account

M1 Finance Overview

M1 Finance is trying to change the way people invest by offering clients “baskets of securities” to invest in, referred to as “pies”. The idea is the client can choose to allocate their money across as many or few of M1’s pre-built baskets, which each focus on a particular sector or investment strategy, or create their own unique pies with up to 500 stocks or ETFs in each one. This article will give a broad overview of M1 Finance and their unique approach to investing so that you can decide if it’s for you or not.

Investment Options: The Pre-Built Pies

M1 offers a wide variety of pre-built pies that focus on anything from specific sectors to income or dividend-focused strategies. These pies achieve their investment focus by holding individual stocks and ETFs, and are rebalanced by M1’s algorithms on a quarterly basis. This is the main selling point of the pre-built pies that M1 will ensure they manage and rebalance them to keep them in line with their stated objectives so that you don’t need to.

Custom Pies

You can also create your own custom pies if you wish, which can hold anywhere from one to 500 stocks or ETFs. And because M1’s structure is based on these pies, the only way you can invest in a single stock or ETF on their platform is by creating a pie that holds the security. M1 Finance will not automatically rebalance custom, user-created pies.

Automatic Investing

Although M1 won’t automatically rebalance your custom-built pies, they do offer automatic investing. They will automatically re-invest your idle cash balances in your desired selection of pies once it reaches $10. This is a great feature because you don’t need to wait for a larger cash balance to become available, or pay commissions, every time you want to invest some new cash.

M1 Finance Minimum

Commissions and Account Fees

M1 does pretty well in the costs department. They don’t charge any commissions or fees for creating and investing in pies, so the only expenses you will incur here are the expense ratios on any ETFs you include in your pies. M1 doesn’t have any account maintenance fees or minimums either, however you will need at least $100 to invest in a pie.

M1 Finance Cons

Besides Pies of stocks and ETF’s, M1 Finance offers basically nothing. Mutual funds aren’t available, which must be a real disappointment for many investors. Individual bonds cannot be traded, and option investors are left out as well. We shouldn’t even bother to ask about futures or forex.

Broker's lack of branch locations and financial planning services will leave other traders out in the cold if they need some extra guidance.


$0 broker commissions and fees when you open account at M1 Finance.

Open M1 Finance Account

Open M1 Finance Account