M1 Minimum investment

M1 Finance Minimum Investment (Deposit)

2023 M1 Finance minimum investment to open a brokerage account or a ROTH IRA. M1 Finance minimum initial deposit amount and minimum balance requirement.

M1 Finance Minimums

M1 Finance minimum investment to open a cash account $0
M1 Finance minimum investment for a margin account $2,000
M1 Finance minimum investment to open a ROTH or Traditional IRA $0
M1 Finance minimum balance requirement for a brokerage account or an IRA none
M1 Finance minimum to start investing $100

M1 Finance Promotion

Up to $500 cash bonus for making a deposit at M1 Finance.

Open M1 Finance Account

Open M1 Finance Account

Retirement Investing

If you’re beginning to think about retirement or are much closer than that, M1 Finance has some resources for you. First are target-date Pies. These are investments designed for people saving for retirement. On the M1 platform, there are 27 retirement Pies ranging from 2023 to 2060. The target date is the time when retirement is expected to commence.

m1 finance minimum deposit

Each year has three levels of risk and return: aggressive, moderate, and conservative. This is a departure from traditional target-date mutual funds that don’t have these options.

To cite an example, the 2050 Aggressive Pie has 11% of its assets in emerging markets, while the 2050 Conservative Pie has only 9% of its assets in the same area.

And if you want to avoid the tax man, you can put these retirement (and non-retirement) Pies in an IRA. M1 Finance offers several varieties, including Roth, Traditional, Rollover, SEP, and direct transfer from another broker.

M1 Finance app and IRA account usage costs nothing. There are fees for things like paper copies of documents, closing an IRA, inactivity fees, etc.

Socially-Responsible and Other Types of Investing

With the increase in interest in socially-responsible investing, M1 Finance has built some Pies that only invest in companies that perform well on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) measurements. The funds inside these Pies are Nuveen funds. Nuveen’s funds select stocks based on data from MSCI ESG Research, which looks at a host of issues, such as emission management, nuclear power, gambling, and tobacco.

For clients with polar opposite views, M1 Finance offers a Cannabis Pie that invests in pot stocks. Currently, the Pie holds the Cronos Group, Canopy Growth Corp, and other assets.

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