Etrade For Europe in 2022

Opening a Etrade brokerage account in Europe: Great Britain, Germany, France, Holland, Swiss, Spain, Italy, Poland, Belgium, and Austria.

Is Etrade Available in Europe?

Etrade is not accepting applications from European citizens, including Germany, Great Britain, and France.

Alternatives to Etrade in Europe

For European investors, we recommend opening an account with these American brokers:

Broker Review Broker
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ZacksTrade rating

$1+ $27.50 $0.75 Get 3.59% margin rates and trades as low as $1.

ZacksTrade Website

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Etrade vs OptionsHouse Overview

Although OptionsHouse is owned by E*Trade, the two brokerage firms nevertheless have different emphases, and, perhaps more importantly, different commission schedules. Let's take a detailed look at what investors get from these two brokers.

Trading Technology

The E*Trade website is well-designed and easy to navigate. Menus display a wide variety of information, including securities research, banking, retirement, IPO's, and more. There is not a trade bar on E*Trade's site. Instead, trades are placed on web pages. Good charting tools are also available on the broker's site. A chart can be displayed full screen, and several technical indicators can be used. For traders who prefer more advanced tools, the broker provides a sophisticated desktop system called E*Trade Pro. This software has more robust tools, such as advanced options trading. Live streaming of CNBC business news is available on the platform. Use of the software is limited to active traders.

Unlike E*Trade, the OptionsHouse site has only a very limited amount of information on it. The website is used for account management issues, such as downloading statements. All trading takes place on the broker's web-launched desktop platform. This software is free for all clients. It too has good charting tools. A graph can be expanded to fill the entire screen, and several chart styles can be selected. Although the platform has no active trader requirements, it lacks live streaming of financial news. The security research tools on the platform also aren't as good as the research tools on E*Trade's website.

Mobile Apps

E*Trade customers can place trades using iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire HD, Amazon Fire phone, Windows phone, and Android devices. The app has many useful features, including bill pay, charting, and mobile check deposit. On-demand videos courtesy of CNBC can be viewed at no cost. Live streaming of the TV channel can be accessed by active traders. An app for Apple Watch is also available.

OptionsHouse doesn't provide live streaming of business news even for active traders. The broker also doesn't have a platform for Apple Watch users. However, the OH app does have bill pay, and checks can be electronically deposited.

Commissions and Account Requirements

Stock and ETF transactions at E*Trade cost $0. OptionsHouse customers pay $4.95, one of the lowest commissions in the industry. Derivative contracts at E*Trade are an additional 75¢, while OptionsHouse is a little lower at 50¢. Placing a trade over the phone with a live rep is an available service at either broker. E*Trade charges $25 for this assistance, while OptionsHouse is at $29.95.

A brokerage account carries no special fees at either firm. There are no annual, inactivity, maintenance, or low-balance fees. OptionsHouse has no minimum deposit requirement to open an account, while E*Trade requires a $500 deposit.

Fund Offerings

The mutual fund screener on E*Trade's website displays more than 7,500 products. Of these, approximately 2,000 have no load and no transaction fee. Funds that don't have NTF status cost $19.99 to buy, sell, or exchange. The firm does charge $49.99 if a no-load, no-transaction-fee fund is sold less than 3 months after purchase.

OptionsHouse does not have an emphasis on mutual funds. In fact, the broker does not even have a screener for them. There are no NTF funds available from OptionsHouse. All mutual funds cost $20 per transaction.

Beyond mutual funds, ETFs can also be traded at both firms. E*Trade offers 100+ exchange-traded funds that can be bought and sold without paying a commission. Most of these funds also have expense ratios under 100 basis points. Commission-free ETFs at E*Trade must be held at least 30 days; otherwise a $19.99 charge is assessed. Active traders do get a $4 discount from this fee. Regrettably, OptionsHouse does not offer any ETFs without commissions; although as already mentioned, ETFs at OptionsHouse are $4.95 per trade. There is also no short-term trade fee on any ETFs at OptionsHouse.

Customer Service

E*Trade representatives can be reached over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On-line chat is also available for traders who prefer to use the website. Customers who want more personal service can find it at one of the firm's 30 branch locations across 17 states. There is also a phone number for clients who are temporarily outside the U.S.

OptionsHouse only offers customer service during the week from 8 am to 8 in the evening, EST. Like E*Trade, the OptionsHouse website does have on-line chat. The broker also has a phone number for customers travelling internationally. Unfortunately, there are no OptionsHouse branches for customers.

Etrade For Europe Results

Etrade is a great brokerage firm for mutual fund and buy-and-hold investors. OptionsHouse attracts bargain seeking investors and the broker is a better choice for stock and option traders.